Text 8 Feb Musicalize Post!

Coming soon a musicalize round up and more things to come up on the tumblr! 

Photo 5 Dec 446 notes devil0mania:

A Metropolitan Winter (Explored) (by crashcalloway)


A Metropolitan Winter (Explored) (by crashcalloway)

Text 1 Dec Ed Sheeran

on 27th of november 2011 i went down to london for a charity event called coppafell it was all in aid of breast cancer and the awareness of the night. 

on the night there were many artist ranging from unsigned to Signed from Ed Sheeran,wretch 32, Bluey robinson, mz bratt,ghetts and Mike Hough.

here some of the 


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Text 10 Oct 11 notes Blackberry

Hello Tumble Crew

After having a wonderful day at college and susprisinly getting most of my work for one reason only the BBM server in slough has crashed it has affected the whole of the united Kingdom and other areas. on the other hand ive got some much work completed in one night it made me think do you really need all these pointless items like facebook twitter and even tumblr but it also we take thing for granted the simplest thing like BBM for instant how that can be taken for granted. 

am still missing Kerrang radio but look forward to doing some shows this week.

Peace out Baxter

Text 10 Oct Back to College

Hello Tumble Crew.

after a week of doing work expreicne iam now back at college readjusting to times like the good old days. on monday i dont start till 12:40 so got a good lie in. The weekend has been good went to church and a mate fancy dress party as myself cause am that cool.

 i will doing random updates on this too so enjoy enjoy 


Link 8 Oct Highlights»

this gives highlights my show and take a listen. 

Text 8 Oct D-Day Kerrang Summary of the week

Morning Tumble Crew, well good afternoon depends when you read this post.  

well  what a good week at Kerrang! learnt some good things; but it shows what a week can do exprience wise. yesterday was quite hilarous was in Loz Guest’ pre record then got sent out to do the shopping and it was raining oh the joys of that. 

Been invited to go back there next year but i will. will try and update this daily. 


Text 7 Oct D-Day At Kerrang - Prepost

Morning Tumble Crew,

today was D-day i arrived here early just to find out that i forgot my charger so during my lunch break am gonna get it. cause ive got a busy friday ahead of me.  today am at Kerrang then later i turn into a youth worker but it should be fun.

Also after hearing the Subways ive fancied a subway so i will also i smell a little feature coming out of this but it should be fun.

am just gonna speak get a cuppa and youghourt and get on with my work as i shouldnt be social networking. hahaha.


Text 6 Oct Day 4 of 4 - Kerrang Update

Hello Tumble Crew,

Well am its gonna be sad leaving the station of K! but i got one more day left and plus i can already read these messages that right and if anyones bothered to reblog feel to and do that.

This morning had a discussion about the radio how it works cause if you didnt know that Q radio is also based there so it great had a fab week. well be back to normal college and the life of not tumblring is there any such words as that but its been a good week and had a good time.


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